Managed Dedicated Servers, Windows & Linux


With AMS's Managed Dedicated hosting server solutions, you not only give the benefits of being on your own server, but we will also configure and maintain your server for optimal performance and reliability!

Once you place an order and after the server set-up, our team of Administrators monitor its performance and maintain your server 24×7x365 to ensure that it is always online and performing as per your expectations.

All dedicated servers come with an array of server management services executed by our team of dedicated server experts. Server management includes installation and maintenance of a standard software package, security monitoring, backups and technical support. Every dedicated server is fully secured, configured, and customized for your specific business needs.

All servers are delivered to you virtually production ready. Regular updates are also performed on the server in order to make sure you are always running a secure machine, while benefiting from the latest stable versions of the installed programs. AMS server management responsibilities include but are not limited to the following tasks:

  • Initial Server Setup.
  • Routine server monitoring.
  • Server Migration (If applicable).
  • Disaster recovery planning and procedures including system and file backup.
  • Server backup restoration in the event of a hardware failure.
  • Server troubleshooting - We will help you trouble shoot if the server is not performing well.
  • Regular maintenance of the operating system (updates & patches).
  • Setting up of control panel, mail server, web server, dns setver and other related services.
  • Firewall configuration.

Dedicated Windows Web Server

Our Base Series servers are legacy Intel® Pentium 4 based server hardware. Base Series Dedicated Servers are good fit for light duty Web Servers, DNS Servers, Staging or Testing Servers, etc.

Pentium Dedicated Servers - Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz (DS-Base1)
512 MB RAM | 160 GB Hard Drive | 750 GB Bandwidth | 5 IPs
10 Mbps Port | Rs.6000- / mo + Rs.2500- Setup Fee

Pentium Dedicated Servers - Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz HT (DS-Base2)
1 GB RAM | 160 GB Hard Drive | 1500 GB Bandwidth | 5 IPs
10 Mbps Port | Rs.8500- / mo + Rs.2500- Setup Fee

Our Value Series servers are based on Intel® Core 2 DUO based server hardware. Value Series Dedicated Servers are offer a unique blend of high performance and economical price range.

Core2duo Dedicated Servers - Core2duo e6550 2.33 GHz (DS-Value1)
2 GB RAM | 250 GB Hard Drive | 1500 GB Bandwidth | 5 IPs
10 Mbps Port | Rs.11500- / mo + Rs.3500- Setup Fee

Core2duo Dedicated Servers - Core2duo e8400 3.0Ghz (DS-Value2)
2 GB RAM | 250 GB Hard Drive | 1500 GB Bandwidth | 5 IPs
10 Mbps Port | Rs.12500- / mo + Rs.3500- Setup Fee

Our Business Series servers are based on single processor, multi core Intel® Xeon 3000 / 5000 processors. Business Series Dedicated Servers are reliable, high performance workhorses for Web Hosting, Mail and Database Servers.

Pentium Dedicated Servers - Intel Xeon 3050 (Dual Core) (DS-Business1)
2 GB RAM | 250 GB Hard Drive | 2000 GB Bandwidth | 5 IPs
100 Mbps Port | Rs.15900- / mo + Rs.4500- Setup Fee

Pentium Dedicated Servers - Intel Xeon 5130 (Quad Core) (DS-Business2)
4 GB RAM | 2X250 GB Hard Drive | 2000 GB Bandwidth | 5 IPs
100 Mbps Port | Rs.19500- / mo + Rs.4500- Setup Fee

Our Enterprise servers are based on multi processor Intel® Xeon 5000 / e7000 hardware. Enterprise Series Servers are solid, reliable, super duty servers for High Volume Web & Mail Hosting & Large Database & Application hosting, etc.

Pentium Dedicated Servers - 2 X Xeon 5130 (Quad Core X 2) (DS-Enterprise1)
4 GB RAM | 2X250 GB Hard Drive | 2000 GB Bandwidth | 5 IPs
1000 Mbps Port | Rs.25500- / mo + Rs.5500- Setup Fee

Pentium Dedicated Servers - 4 X Xeon e7310 (Quad Core X 4) (DS-Enterprise2)
8 GB RAM | 2X500 GB Hard Drive | 2000 GB Bandwidth | 5 IPs
1000 Mbps Port | Rs.55500- / mo + Rs.10000- Setup Fee

"All dedicated hosting packages are fully managed. Server is looked after and managed by us. However you get full control and root access of the server."




  • AMS India did a great job for us. They were very responsive and worked fast to complete our project. As a technology professional, I was very demanding of the quality of work we received and AMS was able to deliver every time. In addition, our point of contact was very helpful and patient with our requests and changes. Thanks again for a wonderful and successful project.

    Bill Sideris - location
  • I want to thank you for completing this task for my client so quickly, it was a pleasure to deal with you. I have a number of clients who are dissatisfied with their current programmers and continually ask me for a good alternative. I would be happy to send you more work in the future. Once again, thanks.

    Alan Kaye - location
  • As a small business owner, the key for my business is support and efficient response. The AMS support team is well trained, prompt and extremely understanding of my lack of internet knowledge. The person who answers the phone is the one who can answer your questions. No 'on hold' and no department shuffle.
    Every request I have made has been answered promptly and in every case solved my concern.

    James O'Lough - location
  • I am from the London and must admit - I am a very demanding client. I needed an ultra high quality company to create a website with 3D animated graphics. I was worried that I would get amateurs (weekend hackers) that only pretended to be professionals - but - with AMS you get the real thing - TRUE PROFESSIONALS. I plan on using them for all my future projects. They NEVER complain about revisions and work with you closely until your satisfaction is met.

    Ted Nag - London


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