Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation meet your business challenges. It is the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks. Reduce marketing cycles by delivering features faster with more than 100 end-to-end services. Develop and deploy where you want, with the only consistent hybrid cloud on the market. Extend Azure on-premises with Azure Stack. Create intelligent apps using powerful data and artificial intelligence services.

Join startups, governments and 95 percent of Fortune 500 businesses who run on the Microsoft Cloud today.

Solve your business problems with proven combinations of Azure services and related products. Whether you’re just beginning in the cloud, or have years of experience developing cloud-based applications, we’ll help you get started with sample architectures, documentation, and partner resources.

What Can You Do with Microsoft Azure?

Internet of Things

Power your digital transformation, collect untapped data and find new insights by connecting your devices, assets and sensors.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence productivity for virtually every developer and scenarioWith the flexible Azure platform and a wide portfolio of AI productivity tools, you can build the next generation of smart applications where your data lives, in the intelligent cloud, on-premises and on the intelligent edge.Achieve more with the comprehensive set of flexible and trusted AI services – from pre-built APIs, such as Cognitive Services and Conversational AI with Bot tools, to building custom models with Azure Machine Learning for any scenario. The Azure AI platform also features enterprise-grade AI infrastructure, which runs AI workloads anywhere at scale. Modern AI tools designed for developers and data scientists help you create AI solutions easily, with maximum productivity.


Quickly develop and deploy distributed apps on the blockchain of your choice.


Bring together people, processes and products to enable continuous delivery of value to your end users.


Give customers what they want with a personalised, scalable and secure shopping experience.

Confidential Computing

Protect your data and code while it is in use in the cloud.

Dynamics on Azure

Fuel business growth by bringing together enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cloud services.

LOB Applications

Modernise your internal line of business (LOB) apps to meet today’s IT challenges.


Gain visibility into the health, performance and utilisation of your applications, workloads and infrastructure.

Big Data and Analytics

Make the most informed decision possible by analysing all the data you need in real time

Business SaaS Apps

Use business insights and intelligence from Azure to build software as a service (SaaS) apps.

Disaster Recovery

Protect all your major IT systems while ensuring apps work when you need them most

Digital Media

Deliver high-quality videos to your customers anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Microservice Applications

Deliver scalable, reliable applications faster to meet the ever-changing demands of your customers

Serverless Computing

Build apps faster, focusing on innovation.

Why Azure for Internet of Things (IoT)?

Accelerate your business transformation with IoT. Reduce complexity, lower costs and speed up your time to market. Explore fully managed IoT services and solution accelerators designed for industry and scenarios like remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, smart spaces and connected products.

SAP on Azure

Bring cloud scale and agility to your mission-critical SAP workloads

Hybrid Cloud Applications

Maximise productivity by empowering developers to build and deploy applications the same way, whether your app runs on Azure or Azure Stack.


Reach your customers everywhere, on every device, with a single mobile app build.

Azure Governance

eEnsure compliance using the cloud governance capabilities built into Azure.

SharePoint on Azure

Deploy SharePoint servers rapidly and scale as needed with a cost-effective infrastructure.

Red Hat on Azure

Achieve hybrid cloud agility for your enterprise with Red Hat solutions on Azure.

Development and Test

Simplify and speed up the process of building and testing applications across every platform.

Business Intelligence

Drive better, faster decision making by analysing your data for deeper insights.

Modern Data Wrehouse

Handle exponential data growth without leaving security, scalability or analytics behind.

Backup and Archive

Protect your data and applications no matter where they reside to avoid costly business interruptions.

Digital Marketing

Connect with customers worldwide with digital campaigns that are personalised and scalable.

High Performance Computing

Tap into unlimited resources to scale your high-performance computing (HPC) jobs.


Build, quickly launch and reliably scale your games across platforms and refine based on analytics.




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